Wednesday, March 07, 2007

What's next in The Terraverse?

Not a day goes by I don't ask myself that same question...

And I always answer, "Anything I can think of!!!!!!"

... And I've thought of a lot.

Now, let me lay out the chronological timeline for The Terraverse so far.

1) Chimera - 2022
2) Paperchaser - 2037 to 3038
3) Altered State - 2101+

Well I can tell you that there are two totally different stories that come before Chimera - and they have barely any connection to any of the other stories.
One of the stories, Beautiful/Warfare, is set Centuries ago and has NO relation to any of the other stories in The Terraverse to date or anything I've even conceived in my mind. This project is, so far, built as three trilogies which interweave to expand their world even further.
The other story Father Time (tentative title) has a very wide-reaching timeline stretching all the way back to Prehistoric Earth and the Dinosaurs; and so far into the future that Man will not even recognise himself (round about 3500) -- Not bad for one book!

Another project I'm working on, Colony Wars, is set 2467 to 2491 and takes a more action/political look at the future of space colonisation, bringing into it, Earth, Mars and the Moon.

Then there's the comedy series Cold Retail and the long-in-developement The Writers and Prehistoria.

Now, slotting these into The Terraverse timeline...

1) Father Time - Prehistoric Earth to Present Day to 3500+
2) Beautiful/Warfare - 1185 to 1333
3) The Writers - Present Day
4) Cold Retail - Present Day
5) Chimera - 2022
6) Paperchaser - 2037 to 2038
7) Altered State - 2101+
8) Colony Wars - 2467 to 2491

Needless to say, that's quite an impressive time period for any universe.

But when will you get to experience these stories?!

Well, ideally I'd love to introduce you all to Altered State first off - you know, start small and expand from there.
Next I want to take you into the future for a while and get you to try Chimera
From there I think I'll go in two different directions at once with Beautiful/Warfare and Paperchaser - These are the two biggest projects I've got in developement and they'll take the longest to get right and write, let alone illustrate!

But I promise right here and right now that YOU WILL READ THESE STORIES!!

Until that time, let's enjoy the ride.

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