Monday, November 05, 2007

Hey there folks,

Well, again, I'm neglecting my duties of regular updates on this site but I can promise that it's not been because I've been taking a break from it all... it's because I've been busy getting the launch of Paperchaser and Altered State prepared.

Now, fingers crossed, I will be attending WonderCon in San Francisco at the end of February 2008 with completed copies of Issue 1 of Paperchaser and the first part of the Altered State mini-series.

Now I've been dealt quite a harsh blow by life recently as Nathan, my artist and God-sent talent-master artist will be unable to do the Issue artwork for the first of the Altered State mini-series comics due to schedule conflicts (which I can totally understand) so I am now putting the call out to all artists out there to contact me with your work so that we may create a totally new Altered State experience!

As an added bonus, I have now added a .JPEG version of the first Altered State mini-comic to the web site to help show all you fantastic artists out there the kind of work we will be making.

Our task is to create a completed, 28-page + cover designs (in and out) Altered State comic to professional level.

Our deadline is the WonderCon Expo in San Francisco on the 22nd of February 2008.

I believe that with the correct team working on this, we can do it.

Please, please, please contact me with your portfolios as soon as possible.

Many thanks guys.

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