Sunday, April 25, 2010

Paperchaser latest news

Well, well, well... I haven't been able to keep up with weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly updates as I promised myself that I would but I have still been very busy!

The good news is that I have now completed the final drafts of Issues 1-6 of Paperchaser (which incidentally may be changing names as I'm still not entirely happy with it)

Even if I do say so myself, I believe that the scripts are as tight as possible and really quite excellent.

I've been flitting around writing bits and pieces of different stories for so long, I think that the lessons I've consciously and subconsciously learnt are starting to fall into place and (needless to say) are seriously improving my writing abilities!

I will be updating the copyright on these newest versions first thing tomorrow and then I shall post the final draft of the first issue in the coming week.
As well as this I will also be uploading character profiles for a number of the characters.

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