Monday, January 16, 2012

CHIMERA: Story details

“A wild and unrealistic notion”

Paris, France; 2037. The world is in the middle of an unprecedented period of peace and there is even rumour that the Son of God has been reborn. But there are dark times ahead and a new, designer drug is about to hit the streets, “Chimera”.

“Chimera” allows the user to experience Heaven. But there is a deadly catch. “Chimera” is highly addictive and always fatal – and it’s been designed that way. When a user comes down, they see the world in a far grimmer light – after all, they are comparing it to their own experiences of Heaven and so they return for hit after hit. But the pain doesn't fade. It grows. Soon it becomes too painful to continue living in such a vile, over-populated, horrendous society. The user comes to a simple solution…make the change permanent.

But suicide is a mortal sin. You will not get into Heaven.

“Chimera” was created by Lucifer and designed to swell the ranks of the Hell-Spawn in preparation for the coming supernatural war. His "business partner", Remy La Bouffé is in charge of distribution and is the head of one of the few remaining criminal families operating in Europe.

Le Champs de Mars, famous a lifetime ago for The Eiffel Tower, has become a high-tech shanty-town of sorts, code named: “The Straights”. Home to the poor, prostitution, gambling and generally catering to the darker tastes of Humanity, it is the perfect testing ground for Chimera.

It is also the home of Lukas and Pierre Vaugn. Father and Son priests commissioned by The Pope to investigate the sudden rise in suicides within The Straights.

Gabriel Vaugn and Clair Bobak (agents of Interpol) are drawn into the investigation when Lukas, Gabriel's brother, takes his own life. Gabriel hasn't seen his father in twelve years since he ran away from home.
The case of "Chimera" takes Gabriel, Clair and Pierre deep into the belly of the seedy underworld that now inhabits Le Champs de Mars. They begin their investigations at the best and most infamous speakeasy... The Black Moon Bar, owned and operated by the supreme wheeler-dealer, Whisky - a man who offers complete neutrality but so desperately wants to be saved from the sins of his own past.

The Black Moon Bar is considered neutral ground in The Straights. It is from here that Lucifer's associates collect new test subjects for Chimera.
But a few months ago, Whisky made a deal with the devil and now the cost is weighing heavily on him. He sees Gabriel and Clair as his best hope for redemption.

Through the investigation, Gabriel learns that his brother had a relationship with Elizabeth - a prostitute, baiter for the Chimera trials and Demon. Gabriel finally comes face to face with Lucifer and, much like the users of Chimera, his world vision is changed forever.

Chimera is about fighting for the truth and the bonds of friends, family and enemies.

Copyright © George Terran 2012. All Rights Reserved.

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