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Chimera Synopsis

“I don’t know just how much you’ve already learned Gabe, so here are the headlines…” – Lukas Vaugn. Paris, France: 2022

There is a new drug about to hit the streets called Chimera. It’s highly addictive, extremely potent… and lethal. It actually allows you to experience Heaven. It is because of this drug that the suicide rate is on the increase.

Remy La Bouffe, head of one of the last, and strongest criminal families still in operation, and the mysterious Cifer are the key players in delivering Chimera to the masses. But there are those who are fighting back.

Priests Pierre and Lukas Vaugn have been commissioned by The Pope to investigate the drug and it’s connection with the growing suicide rate within The Straights – a high-tech shantytown located in what was formerly Le Champ de Mars in Paris.

Gabriel “Gabe” Vaugn and his fiancé, Clair Bobak (officers with InterPol) are drawn into the plot when Lukas (Gabe’s brother) becomes a victim of Chimera and takes his own life. There is the added discomfort of him having to see his father (Pierre) again after 12 years apart.

Gabe Vaugn, a man who has had more than his share of run-ins with the La Bouffe family, is quickly targeted when he returns to Paris. He takes up the mantel of his brother and continues to investigate Chimera with Clair and Pierre. But it is the twisted cat and mouse game with Cifer that will ultimately change his whole world forever.

21 Years previously…

At 08:46 on September 11th 2001, the world was stunned into silence as the largest single terrorist attack began. The world was on the brink of permanent changed on that day. That change was cemented on October 7th 2001 when the “War on Terrorism” officially began. Only time would tell which of these events would most effect the world…

The attacks of September 11th 2001 where a terrible tragedy, but the effects of the War on Terrorism would have graver, more dangerous and long-lasting repercussions.

On December 13th 2003, the US Government advertised, “The War on Terrorism has taken its first victim”. This was a lie, as with all wars, the first victims were innocence and public safety.

Since the attacks of “9/11” everyone was so fearful of more death and destruction that they were unaware of what else was happening. Their freedoms were being stripped away from them. As long as there were periodic “events” to focus on, no one would care; For example, a report coming to light that one of the Middle-East countries was developing a nuclear bomb.
After all, the Government is just trying to protect their people, right?

Every country saw a massive increase in CCTV and surveillance equipment sales, both in the public and private sectors. By 2007 a new kind of war was bubbling to the surface - Civil Cold War.

The Government had so successfully indoctrinated fear into our society that they no longer had to scrutinise our every move; the public were doing it for them. Civil trust was at an all-time low. Violence connected with race, colour and sex was on the decline but the feelings were still there, just under the surface. They were simply being masked with acceptance and tolerance in order to avoid trouble.

Fear amongst the people meant that in order to avoid any trouble and potential danger, they were slowly giving up the elements of their lives that made them unique. But deep down no one is even remotely similar and Human Nature cannot be stopped. The world’s people smiled through their teeth at one another, but their true emotions remained. Bu no one was willing to take the first step.

Until March 26th 2007, the people fought back, the first step was taken to reclaim what was lost…

Lead by John T Saunders, all across England the people systematically fought back – it was a revolution, and it was bloody. The actions of John T Saunders and his associates shocked the world; it was the wake-up call the people had seen waiting for.

The only blood drawn had been because of the British Army, but on July 6th 2007, when John T Saunders was making a speech to the masses (an event that was being published live over the Internet) regarding what they had lost, what we (the people) needed to do and what he felt it meant to be free and have freedom. His words sparked something else in the people… a thirst for revenge.

For the next 4 years the world seemed to stop spinning. Nothing had changed, but at the same time everything did. Every action could be followed through to a global event. The actions of one person finally really made a difference. The world’s Governments became very scared of this new power within the people. The threat of World War III was very real and imminent. In those four years, the world nearly tore itself apart with silence.

Then, when things had gotten about as bad as they could, the world’s leaders met on Monday 13th June 2011, - later named “The Day Of The Line”. Something happened that day which, even now remains a mystery. The world’s leaders had arranged to meet at the Geneva Convention Centre as a final attempt to stop World War III.

None of those in attendance have ever gone on record to explain what happened at that meeting, but when the leaders emerged from the closed session, the threat of World War III was no more. These leaders remained in office of their respective countries for the next 3 and 4 years; when the new leaders were elected and assumed control, they changed nothing from the previous administration. Precedence was in place over every countries politics.

Something incredible happened on 13th June 2011, “The Day Of The Line”, the most famous and important day in history. It was the day where every living soul on this planet could clearly see the future; it was filled with nothing but death… a future that did not come to pass. Everyone you ask about what happened that day would give you the same answer; “It was a miracle.”

Over the next 10 years, the world was reborn from the ashes of the old, and it thrived. Unified, global peace was finally achieved; but at a price no one had foreseen.

The world’s cities developed too quickly; the population doubled and continues to grow to this day. Take Paris for example, once a city of culture and grace, now condemned. Le Champ de Mars, a place renowned for its splendour and beauty has become a huge “high-tech” shantytown where the world’s poorest have congregated. Most of the largest cities in the world are suffering from the same problem and there seems to be no solution in sight.

“Freedom is the most precious and dangerous thing we possess. Take it away and we will react, as we do every day. But to have freedom requires intelligence and fortitude.
But we cannot have freedom without acceptance. We have to accept that my beliefs and opinions will not always be what you want to hear.
You may not feel the same way, but you have to accept that they are my thoughts and feelings.
In the end, they are nothing but words and unless they are truly great, they will not be remembered.”

The final words of John T Saunders - assassinated August 29th 2012.

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