Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Altered State I Synopsis

100 years after the events of September 11th, 2001 the Government are completely controlled by fear. Primarily the fear of the unexpected; this is why they have initiated the "Altered State" program.

“Altered State” is a Government funded strategy where a select SAS unit removes random civilians from their lives and are unknowingly entered into the “Altered State” virtual reality program. The program's primary function is to create logical and illogical phenomena and drop these random civilians into the scenario; and secondly assess how the random person will respond. Will they use their abilities to protect the Nation or use them and the situation to their own advantage?

For Example…

Douglas Jones is a 65-year-old man working in the mailroom of a very lucrative law firm in Re-London. His wife died 10 years ago while working at one of the largest hospitals in Re-London; she contracted radiation poisoning and died painfully. Douglas blamed the Government for this, they say it was an “industrial accident” but there was on proof either way.

Douglas was entered into the “Altered State” VR Program. He was one of the first people to be subjected to the Super-human trials. He was given enhanced strength, telekinesis and telepathy.

Every entrant into the “Altered State” program is then judged and sentenced according to their actions within the VR program. If, for example, a civilian displays exceptional intelligence and ingenuity they are quite frequently incorporated into the “Advanced Guard” – a team devoted to the pre-strike termination of any potential threats.

The “Altered State” program continues to remove random people from the populous and enter them into incredible scenarios. Few return to their original existence.

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