Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Meet Douglas Jones

I'd like you to meet Douglas Jones.

Doug is a relative newcomer to The Terraverse but quite likely to be the first to be brought to printed life.
I have teamed up with the ludicrously talented artist/illustrator, Nathan Kilburn; you can check out more of his artwork at
We are working ourselves into an early grave, working on panel design, story edits and all that jazz. Our goal is to get the comic professionally printed into a 12-page booklet; armed with this killer comic I am going to invade the Bristol International Comics Expo in May.

Allow me to detail a little more about Douglas Jones...

Douglas Jones is the main character in a 9-page story set some time after 2101 - anyone following the time periods of The Terraverse will know this means that Doug's story takes place after Paperchaser.

Doug is 65 years old and has spent the last 25 years stuck in the mailroom of a lucrative law firm.
He has lived alone since the death of his wife 10 years ago…
She contracted radiation poisoning.
She died painfully.
He blames the Government, they say it was an “industrial accident” but there’s no proof either way.
He about to bring new meaning to the phrase, "Going Postal"

Watch out for Douglas Jones.

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